officepic.JPGKate Navickas is a second year PhD student in Syracuse University's Composition and Cultural Rhetoricprogram. Looking forward to the completion of her CCR graduate coursework, Kate's current project involves investigating the intersections between feminist rhetorics and the digital humanities. Drawing from her earlier work on feminist pedagogy, she is interested in exploring the generative potential of narratives of resistance and reclamation movements in the writing classroom. Kate intends to expand this area to study online feminist communities and digital feminist presences. While she has taken a brief hiatus from her blogging endeavors, this year she looks forward to recommitting to her online writing as well as exploring new writing technologies and platforms.

More about Kate:

Kate completed her dual-major bachelor's degree in saxophone music performance and English at SUNY Fredonia. After her undergraduate, a year long stint as a dental assistant convinced her that dentistry was not, in fact, her dream, and thus, she quickly became an August-enrolled non-matriculated graduate student in Binghamton University's English MA program. At Binghamton, Kate became invested in the BU Writing Initiative through teaching oral communication and first year writing courses. Her interest in teaching writing developed out of writing pedagogy conversations in a required course that coincided with her own struggles and anxieties with writing. After completing a thesis on feminist pedagogy in the first year writing course, Kate remained at BU as the Writing Center Director while beginning work as a contributing researcher to The Citation Project.

When not vigorously reading, writing, or procrastinating, Kate enjoys hiking and other get-out-of-the-house activities, shark week and sea life documentaries, chasing kittens around inside the apartment, and exploring the Syracuse community hot-spots. Currently, she can't get enough Gillian Welch and is theorizing about painting a picture of a chair for her living room.

Kate seems to be one of the few who still answer phone calls from unknown numbers; should you like to chat, get in touch: Kate's facebook @knavickas