The big-deal international Digital Humanities Conference is organized by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). The 2012 Digital Humanities Conference will take place at the University of Hamburg in Germany in July. The CFP 's theme is "Digital Diversity: Cultures, Languages and Methods." Perhaps also of interested and a little closer to home, the ADHO 2013 conference is scheduled to be hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


vectors.jpgVectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular, from the University of Southern California, describes its project as bringing "together visionary scholars with cutting-edge designers and technologists to propose a thorough rethinking of the dynamic relationship of form to content in academic research, focusing on ways technology shapes, transforms, and reconfigures social and cultural relations."

3.cover.gif Literary and Linguistic Computing

dhq.jpg Digital Humanities Quarterly

digitalstudies.jpgDigital Studies/ Le Champ Numerique

The Humanist Discussion Group is an online forum for discussion of computing and the humanities.

The CH Working Papers, or the Computing in the Humanities Working Papers, is a digital collection of essays that have been written on computer assisted research. The collection includes: articles, postprints, preprints, and experimental papers.