Enculturation list of books to review and their guidelines

Kairos list. These were added on 10/30:

Here are the list of University Presses. The links provided are to the subject catalogs--

The University of Michigan Press has new releases in Media Studies

Digital Culture Books "was established in 2006 as an innovative partnership between the University of Michigan Library and the University of Michigan Press with the intent of modeling library-press collaboration at U-M and elsewhere." It sounds like it might be doing cool DH-inspired work!

The MIT Press has a Digital Media and Learning AND New Media AND Science, Technology, & Society sections.

Hampton Press : This one is a little harder to search and navigate, but here is the 2011 publications.

University of Minnesota Press : I only took a quick look at this press, but it doesn't look like there's too much technology or DH work there. (but, as always, I could be wrong).